SportFamily’s advertising package benefits your business. You can sell company products or services as much as you like. The SportFamily advertising package is also a fantastic marketing opportunity for your company! Remember to include your company homepage or web shop in your ad. Register in the service and choose package. Then you are ready to start selling!


Business package 100 advertisements 125 €

125,00 Lisää ostoskoriin

Business package 200 advertisements 220 €

220,00 Lisää ostoskoriin

Business package 500 advertisements 489 €

489,00 Lisää ostoskoriin

Business package 1000 advertisements 800 €

800,00 Lisää ostoskoriin

Business package 2000 advertisements 1290 €

1 290,00 Lisää ostoskoriin

Prices include VAT 24 %.

Advertisements must be used within one year from purchase.


In order to advertise in the service, the company needs to buy an advertising package. The prices include VAT.

When the company has registered in the service and made the payment, we send a confirmation message. The package is valid through the entire contract period.

The company undertakes to follow SportFamily’s code of conduct

Advertising in the service is subject to a charge for all companies with a business identity code, and associations with an association number. SportFamily Oy reserves the right to decide if an advertisement is a business advertisement.

Business advertising abides by rules. If the advertising transcend 10 000 € it is considered as self-employment. If this is the case, please contact the tax authorities for enrollment in the VAT-register.

SportFamily Oy/ reserves the right to check whether the advertising is for entrepreneurial use.

The rules apply until further notice.


It is only allowed to sell sports related equipment in the service. Exception: Miscellaneous

  • It is forbidden to sell weapons, pornography and stolen property in the service.
  • The advertisements must not contain inappropriate images.
  • The advertisements must clearly display the name and contact information of the company.
  • Only links to a web shop or homepage of the advertising company are allowed. Links must not lead to for example a web auction or similar.
  • Sport Family will check all advertisements and reserve the right to leave an advertisement unpublished if it is considered to break the rules.
  • Sport Family is not responsible for the products offered by the advertiser. The advertiser is responsible for the products.
  • In the case of reclamation, the buyer should contact the seller directly.
  • The price in the advertisement must include tax.
  • Images used in advertisements must comply with copyright legislation.
  • Products that are for sale in the advertisement must be clearly visible in the pictures.
  • The advertiser is responsible for own and sold products. SportFamily Oy is not responsible for advertised products.
  • In case of disruption on the page, SportFamily is not responsible for any damage caused to sellers/advertisers.
  • In case of disruption on the page, SportFamily undertakes to restore normal service as soon as possible. Disruptions can also be caused by maintenance of the page.
  • Scheduled system maintenance is announced about one week in advance.
  • Otherwise, we follow the rules of fair play.
  • The advertiser is responsible for images that fall under copyright legislation. Do not use images protected by copyright.